Forget about the iPhone 7 and 6s screens crash, Apple IOS 10.1.1 is the reason of exploding devices. Apple users in China have confessed that the iPhones 7 and 6s really sucks, it's all about why its batteries are causing an explosion.

Apple 10.1.1 destroying iPhone batteries

The 6s models are not only known for exploding, they also shut down automatically by themselves. There are many iPhone forums which claim that sometimes you will see specific symptoms in the telephony applications (see call logs, setting phone applications and other operations can be stuck.) even these apps crash often. Even though the company said that it’s gonna replace the batteries of some iPhone 6s devices shutting down, some users in China and some countries in Asia said Apple have not done anything yet to fix this problem.

One more thing, users who are experiencing this nightmare are those with the iPhone 7, 6s, 6 and 5s. This issue started after Apple IOS 10.1.1 was provided, most users are blaming the current software for this annoying problem. Therefore, The company is working on a new IOS upgrade system which is going to fix some major problem like, batteries automatically dying from 40% to 0%, temporarily shut down and the screen crash.

For the exploding batteries, the company has reported solving this problem as soon as possible, so they gonna replace the batteries of those devices with bad batteries. Basic phone call applications also are no longer pleasant to use, it is true that some phones don’t respond at all. Even though Apple IOS 10.1.1 is the software that causes this issue, there are some people who have provided solutions to this temporary matter, such as closing Exchange contacts sync, resetting the network again and so on.

Application crashes because of Apple IOS 10.1.1 software

Something stays clear, we have no idea if these tips really work or not. This problem has seriously affected iPhone users, we hope Apple quickly follow up on this issue. What is your opinion regarding this issue ? tell us what you think.